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Sale 834 — U.S. & C.S.A. Postal History

Sale Date — Tuesday, 6 March, 2001

Category — Other Revenue Cancellation Studies

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 834, Lot Number 794, Other Revenue Cancellation Studies$2.00 Mortgage, Perforated (R82c), $2.00 Mortgage, Perforated (R82c)$2.00 Mortgage, Perforated (R82c). Deep rich color, cancelled by three strikes of "Alaska" handstamp, also cancelled by blue "Montana" handstamp, each strike is clearly visible, stamp with two small staple holes, otherwise Very Fine, the cancellations are name-of-ship markings from two different ships of the Pacific Mail Steamship Co., combinations such as this are exceedingly scarce

E. 500-750
Pacific Mail Steamship Co. Cancellations on U.S. Revenue Stamps. 22 total, wide range of perforated stamps with most from 25c and higher denominations, each with handstamp cancellation, incl. blue boxed and blue oval "P.M.S.S. Co." each on 25c, most are name-of-ship cancels, incl. "China", "Great Republic", "Japan", "Rising Star", "Ocean Queen", "Oregonian", "Alaska", "Sacramento", all struck in blue, also incl. Bill of Lading bearing 10c stamp tied by handstamp and a blank check with P.M.S.S. Co. illustration, few faults to be expected, overall a Fine-Very Fine and rare group

E. 300-400
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Steamship Cancellations on Revenue Stamps. Interesting group of First and Second Issue Revenues (mostly First Issue perforated) with various steamship cancels, range of usages incl. Cunard, Providence & N.Y. Steamship Co., others incl. "Brig. 'Sarah'", Atlantic Mail S.S. Co., some Bank Checks, bills of lading, few faults, most are Fine-Very Fine, a fascinating group

E. 500-750
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U.S. Revenue Stamps on Steamship Documents. Five documents: incl. three bills of lading and two stock certificates (for Boston, Newport and New York Steamboat Co. and Maryland Steamboat Co.), bills incl. one for 400 boxes of oysters, each with illustration and revenue stamp, one with ms. cancel, others with handstamps, all appear fresh and Very Fine, interesting group

E. 200-300
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Wells, Fargo & Co. Cancellations on Revenue Stamps. 55 stamps, range of cancellations incl. small oval handstamps, double-circle datestamps, ms., mostly on 2c Bank Check, perforated but also incl. other revenue stamps such as 5c Certificate part perf, some faults, most appear Fine-Very Fine, an interesting group

E. 300-400
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United States Express Company. Contract between Franklins County Bank of Ithica N.Y. and U.S. Express Co. for delivery of bank notes and bonds, dated Nov. 1864, bearing 5c Express, Imperforate with ms cancel, fresh and Very Fine showing proper usage of the Express stamp

E. 200-300
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Express Company Cancellations on Revenue Stamps. Album pages containing 41 stamps, range of express companies incl. Westcott's Harnden's, Spaulding's, U.S. Express Co., Southern Express Co., Kinsley's Express, American Express, Adams Express Co., range of stamps and cancellations with large number of handstamps, some faults to be expected, many are Fine-Very Fine, an interesting group

E. 400-500
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Fuel Cancellations on Revenue Stamps. Album of mostly First Issue perforated stamps arranged by cancellation, majority are petroleum or oil cancels though some are coal, wide range of companies represented from Atlas Oil Co. to Wood Farm Oil, also incl. some documents incl. $2.50 Inland Exchange perforated on Horseneck Oil Co. document, few faults, most appear Fine-Very Fine, an interesting group from this fascinating subject

E. 500-750
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Sale Number 834, Lot Number 802, Other Revenue Cancellation Studies30c Inland Exchange, Part Perforate (R52b), 30c Inland Exchange, Part Perforate (R52b)30c Inland Exchange, Part Perforate (R52b). Horizontal strip of three, used with 5c Inland Exchange, Part Perforated (R27b) and bisect of 10c imperforate on bank check from Wilmington Del. dated Dec. 16, 1862, neat ms. cancels, small faults, Very Fine and attractive usage

E. 300-400
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First and Second Issue Revenues on Documents. Twenty incl. Railroad stock conveyance, insurance policy, promissory note, mortgage, judgment bond, deeds, solo frankings incl. No. R81a, R87c, few combinations incl. Nos. R93c and R100c, R96c with three others, R61a and R6c, R89c (six) and R55c, mostly Very Fine

E. 300-400
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Revenue Stamped Paper. Collection of twelve items, unused incl. Nos. RN-D1, RN-D7, used incl. Nos. RN-D1, RN-D4 (two diff shades), RN-U1 (cut square), RN-E4, RN-E5, RN-E7, RN-F1, RN-U6 (cut square), also incl. No. essay of Franklin type U in red (cut square), Nos. RN-D4 (one) and RN-U6 with creases, otherwise Very Fine

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