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Sale 792 — U.S. and Foreign Stamps & Covers

Sale Date — Thursday, 26 June, 1997

Category — Old Stamps Not Recognized, Thru-the-Lines

Cat./Est. Value
Prince George C.H. June 11th/61. Virginia ms. postmark and matching "Paid 10" on buff cover to St. Joseph Mo., forwarded with green cds to St. Louis, Fine, very rare and unusual thru-the-lines usage, with 1989 P.F. certificate

E. 1,000-1,500
Monroe NC June 5. Ms. 1861 postmark and "Paid 10" on 3c Red on Buff Star Die entire (U27) to Manchester Mo. with "Due 3 cts" hs, St. Louis Mo. backstamp (Jun. 12) and Dead Letter Office oval ds (Jun. 29), in addition the Monroe office wrote an additional "10", suggesting this was originally intended to be sent unpaid - not unusual considering that only a few days before the rate had been a modest 3c, includes 4pp letter with superb content - the boys of North Carolina preparing for war: "Tailors were hired to cut & fit, while the ladies of Monroe made up a suit apiece for all of them beside the tents, towels, knapsacks &c. necessary for a camp equipage. The poor fellows left yesterday, & a fine looking set of young men can hardly be found. They were the flower of the county." etc., cover with some age spots at sides, still Fine, very scarce usage with desirable enclosure

E. 500-750
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"not Recogn." Ms. note ties faulty 3c Dull Red (26) on flag patriotic with "Windham Ohio Sep. 14" cds, cover toned, with wear, rare Old Stamps Not Recognized usage, Chase notes on back

E. 400-500
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3c Rose Red, Ty. I (25). Tied by partial blue "Gallatin Tenn. Oct. 5" cds and ms. "Due 5" on buff cover to a Col. A.R. Wynne, in Castalian Springs, cover with small tape stain at top, Fine, an intriguing usage. Research may reveal this to be a Confederate usage

E. 200-250
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3c Dull Red (26). Tied by partial Memphis Tenn. Dec. 8 cds during occupation on soldier's cover to New York, matching "Due 3" hs and manuscript examiner's markings, some waterstains and soiling, still Fine, rare Old Stamps Not Recognized usage

E. 200-250
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3c Red Star Die Entire (U26). Cover with two 3c Red (26) tied by large grids with "Washington D.C. Apr. 4, 1861" cds to Confederate Corpus Christi, Tex., bit reduced at left, Fine

E. 100-150
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