Sale 779 — Civil War Postal History and Autographs

Sale Date — Wednesday, 10 July, 1996

Category — Hawaiian Autographs and Documents

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 779, Lot 134, Hawaiian Autographs and DocumentsKamehameha III. Signature on two-part Royal Patent in English and Hawaiian, dated December 24, 1852, additionally signed by Keoni Ana, for land given in Fee Simple, on the island of Hawaii, includes small sketch of area on English page which has been otherwise left blank, printed Royal Stamp in black and red wax seal, usual toning, still Fine, can be displayed to show all relevant portions (see photo), a rare and very desirable piece

E. 3,000-4,000
Sale 779, Lot 135, Hawaiian Autographs and DocumentsKamehameha IV. Signature on 1856 Kapaaluhi land grant deed, in Hawaiian, also signed by Kaahumanu as co-ruler, with clear embossed government seal and black printed royal stamp, few trvial toned spots, still Very Fine, rare

E. 2,500-3,000
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Kamehameha V. Signature on 1866 Land Grant deed, in Hawaiian, with embossed seal and black royal Stamp, separated horizontally at one fold - should be archivally treated - but does not affecting signature, otherwise Fine

E. 1,500-2,000
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Sanford B. Dole. Signature as President of the Republic of Hawaii, on Sept. 1, 1894 document (21 x 17 in.) appointing Theodore F. Lansing a member of the Board of Health, additionally signed by J.A. King as Minister of the Interior, William O. Smith as Attorney General, etc., with large blue seal, scattered toned spots, Fine, very early signature of Dole as President of the Republic

E. 300-400
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Sanford B. Dole. Typed document signed, 4pp. being his Last Will & Testament, dated June 21, 1924, 3pp., signed on each page, with a codicil dated Sept. 12, 1924 and also signed; sheets with rust marks from paper clips, codicil with some aging and paper loss, none of this affecting Dole's signatures which are large and bold, Fine, a fascinating and important Hawaiian document, accompanied by biographical info and photo of the Officers of the Provisional Government in 1894

E. 750-1,000
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[Advertising]. Illustrated lettersheet for the Hawaii and South Seas Curio Co. in Honolulu, in red, showing photo of very attractive nude girl, with typed May 8, 1911 contents regarding a shipment of 500 Tiger cowries, with original mailing envelope with 2c stamp tied by Honolulu flag cancel, illustrated corner card with a eclectic list of their specialties: Teco Pottery, "Souvenir Postals," Weapons, Russian art, etc., cover with small faults, Fine and scarce

E. 150-200
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[Hawaii]. 1894 Republic of Hawaii citizenship document, signed by J.A. King for an H. Gumpfer from Germany, whose occupation, originally listed as "Baker" has been changed to "Soldier"; with original red seal, some toning at folds, Fine

E. 300-400
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[Hawaii]. Two pieces, includes 1922 Milk License, with a year's worth of coupons and embossed red seal, also 1943 stock certificate for the City Finance & Mortgage Co. with U.S. revenues on receipt, Fine lot

E. 200-250
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[Hawaii]. Five documents, 1918-1926, for sales of land on Maui, each with U.S. 50c Documentary (R238), Fine lot

E. 300-400
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[Patent]. Copy of Royal Patent by Kamehameha IV with testimonial slip dated 1894 and signed by J.A. King, attached by Interior Dept. seal, Fine

E. 400-500
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[Stock Certificate]. Pioneer Mill Co. stock certificate issued to E. Kamakee Fairchild and additionally signed by Mrs. Fairchild, with Hawaii revenue No. R3 strip of four, marked "Canceled" in red ink, receipt partly pasted over stamps as usual, Fine

E. 250-350
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[Stock Certificate]. Two, from the Pioneer Mill Co., each dated July 1, 1900, first with strip of three of Hawaii No. R8 and U.S. revenues, stamps partly covered by receipt as usual, marked "canceled" in red crayon, other with R3 and R8 pair with U.S. revenues, stamps with gum stains from receipt (removed), Fine

E. 400-500
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