Sale 779 — Civil War Postal History and Autographs

Sale Date — Wednesday, 10 July, 1996

Category — Autograph Group Lots

Cat./Est. Value
Autographs of Pilots. Three flight covers, one with Amelia Earhart (1930), Orville Wright (1936), and 1931 cover for First Night Flights Transcontinental and Western Air signed by Charles Lindbergh, Hal George, P.J. Russell Eddie Rickenbacker, and others, Fine lot

E. 500-750
English Free Franks. Group of 109, virtually all on fronts, majority 1820s-30s, various Lords and Earls, also 14 miscellaneous covers (mostly English stampless), mixed condition, Good-Fine

E. 250-350
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Autographs and Ephemera. Couple of hundred pieces, includes large group of free franks: Schuyler Colfax, Stephen Douglas, Wm. Gladstone, Horace Mann, Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, etc., also TLS of Hoover, signatures of P.T. Barnum, Admiral Nimitz, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc., ephemera includes 1830s "Postage Book," series of 1867-68 from alcoholic son in asylum, etc., Fine lot

E. 400-500
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Autographs and Related. Balance of a collection, 60+ items, includes document extending to Charles Carroll of Carrollton the same franking privileges enjoyed by ex-Presidents, 1868 impeachment ticket, a "short snorter" owned by Pat O'Brien, comprising paper money from all over the world taped together and signed by soldiers and sailors, etc., of World War II, also a Chinese bank note signed by Generals Stilwell and Merrell, LS of Clement XIV, large group of FDCs and related of various Royal families of the world (only the autographed items have been figured in the above count), group of clips attached to engravings including Richard Rush and Charles Sumner, card signed by William Beebee with watercolor of scarlet arrow worms, etc. An autographed photo of the wife of King Zog tops off this interesting lot, please view

E. 400-500
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Autograph and Ephemera Balance. Remnants of a scrapbook kept by the wife of Sen. Jerry C. South of North Carolina, includes TLS from William J. Bryan, signature of Calvin Coolidge as V.P., on Senate Chamber card, also various White House invitations and programs from Taft and Wilson administrations; most interesting is a group of sketches by Mrs. South of a murder trial; all mounted on aging scrap book pages

E. 200-250
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Autographs. Ten items, includes Chiang Kai-shek signature on stamp, Henry Clay and Edith K. Roosevelt free franks, various FDCS with signatures of Calvin Coolidge, David Ben Gurion, Herbert Hoover, Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, Franklin Roosevelt (on National Park set cover), Joseph Tito, also Dali signature on limited edition WFUNA First Day cover with cachet design by Dali, Very Fine lot

E. 400-500
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