Sale 769 — The Honolulu Advertiser Collection

Sale Date — Tuesday, 7 November, 1995

Category — Hawaiian Stamp Duty Seals, Revenue Balance

Cat./Est. Value
Hawaiian Stamp Duty, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00. Eight page deed, dated 1878 from William F. Sharratt, conveying property to Sanford Dole, first page with $1.00 embossed stamp applied three times, also page 5 with $1.00 (2), $5.00 and $10.00 (8), each page with red triangle ds, embossed seal of W.R. Castle as Notary Public, accompanied by 1879 receipt from Hackfeld & Co. to Dole for $12,500 "to be applied as a payment on account of the mortgage of W.F. Sharratt," Fine

E. 250-350
Hawaiian Stamp Duty, $1.00. Embossed stamp on 1878 lease to a Chinese merchant named Pantin, and signed by Fanny Kekelaokalani, mother of Queen Emma, stamp neatly canceled by red "STAMP DUTY PAID" in triangle, Very Fine

E. 100-150
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Royal Stamp. In black on gray blue, showing crown, on illustrated document of port clearance for Bark J.E. Donnel, dated January 1, 1853, some wear at folds, Fine and attractive

E. 100-150
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Sale 769, Lot 3909, Hawaiian Stamp Duty Seals, Revenue BalanceRoyal Stamp. In black on gray, showing crown, on certificate to perform a marriage ceremony, in English and Hawaiian, issued to the Reverend Dwight Baldwin, dated August, 1854, and signed by Keoni Ana (John Young II) and A.G. Thurston; wormholes do not affect text, Fine

E. 100-150
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Sale 769, Lot 3910, Hawaiian Stamp Duty Seals, Revenue BalanceRoyal Stamp. In blue, with embossing, on Master's Bond for Bark Martha, sailing from New Bedford, and ensuring the return, within 12 months, of Hawaiian natives enlisted for a whaling voyage, signed by master William Thomas, and his surety, Thomas Spencer of Hilo, dated 1866, Fine

E. 150-200
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Sale 769, Lot 3911, Hawaiian Stamp Duty Seals, Revenue BalanceA Collection of Hawaiian Revenue Seals and Consular Seals. 46 pieces, represented by cut squares, part documents or full documents, majority are mounted and written-up on exhibit pages, includes a specialized showing of "Royal Stamp" seals, seals of Hawaiian consulates (Detroit, Guatemala, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Tacoma, etc.), stamp duty seals and handstamps, custom house seals, etc. Very Fine, a handsome and fascinating group

E. 2,500-3,500
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Balance of the Revenue Collection. 45 items, includes Nos. R1P3, R1P4, R1 unused, used (single & pair), R2P3, R2P4, R2 used single, two pairs and block of six; R3P3, R3P4, R3a (2) unused and R3 collection of seven different cancels (mostly different offices & town names) including pair; R4P3 and R4P4; R5P3 and R5P4, R5 used pair; R6P3; R7 o.g. single & block, used single; R8 used; R11P3 and R11P4, R11 o.g. block of four, used (3) including two on documents; R12 used; R13 o.g. block and used single; R14 o.g. block and used single; R15 and R16 each used; some small faults, Fine-Very Fine, on original exhibit pages

E. 1,000-1,250
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