Sale 769 — The Honolulu Advertiser Collection

Sale Date — Tuesday, 7 November, 1995

Category — Revenues Used On Documents

Cat./Est. Value
1877, 50c Yellow Orange (R2). Three, each with ms. "X" on four-page 1896 employee contract between the Union Mill Co. and Lee Chee, a Chinese laborer who was to be paid $11 a month, portion of contract in Chinese, attached is tiny sepia photo of Lee Chu with no. "1521" hanging from his neck; scattered toned spots and minor separations, Fine

E. 100-125
Sale 769, Lot 3893, Revenues Used On Documents1877, 50c Yellow Orange, $1.00 Black (R2, R3). Tied together by bold "J. Lucas" purple hs in script, on 1899 Union Mills Co. contract with laborer and Japanese Immigration Bureau, one page in Japanese, Very Fine and choice

E. 100-150
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1877, $1.00 Black, $5.00 Vermilion & Violet Blue (R3, R4). Each tied by very bold "STAMP DUTY/PAID" hs in blue, on 8 x 12-1/2 in. 1892 land deed written in Hawaiian, file crease thru $1.00, otherwise Very Fine

E. 150-200
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1877, $1.00 Black (R3). Nine singles, pair and strip of three on 11 documents, incudes Hotel & Victualizing License, Letter of Guardianship, Letters Testamentary, Retail Store License, also deed (in Hawaiian), labor contract, immigration document, etc., lot includes Milk License with stamp removed, cancels include ms. and handstamped (better include oval Supreme Court, 1880 Stamp Duty Paid in red triangle); some with toning, three stamps with file creases, Fine and scarce group

E. 500-600
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1877, $5.00-$50.00 Revenues (R4, R5 pair; R6). Tied together by purple handstamp, "THEO. H. DAVIES & CO., Ld/REC'D MAR. 01 1898" on reverse of stock certificate of the Waiakea Mill Co. for 750 shares, folded to show adhesives and face, on exhibit page, Very Fine and choice, rare combination

E. 500-600
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1877, $10.00 Reddish Brown & Green (R5). Tied by bold "CANCELLED" in purple on reverse of 1902 stock certificate for the Puna Sugar Co. for 250 shares, folded to show both stamp and face, on exhibit page, Very Fine, fresh and choice

E. 100-150
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1877, $50.00 Slate Blue & Carmine (R6). Three horizontal pairs and four singles, arranged in vertical block format and tied by multiple strikes of "STAMP DUTY/JUL. 11, 1889" handstamps on 20pp deed ("James Campbell To C.F. Horner"), 8-1/2 x 14 in., light toning affecting the margins of five stamps, three stamps with creasing and one pair with bend from document

E. 2,000-2,500
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1893, 20c on 25c Green (R7). Two, tied together by purple "CANCELLED/APR 15, 1901" handstamps with United States 1898 10c Dark Brown, Documentary (R168) on certificate of investment for the Hawaiian Realty & Maturity Co., 8 x 10-1/4 in. (folded), Very Fine and attractive

E. 100-150
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1893, 20c on 25c Green (R8). Two stock certificates, 11 x 7 in., for the Excelsior Soda Works Co., one with vertical pair, red ms. and blue crayon cancels, 1902; other with single and U.S. 1898 2c Carmine Rose, Documentary (R164) pen canceled, 1901; each in red and bronze on white, first with file crease thru top stamp, Fine pair

E. 200-250
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Sale 769, Lot 3901, Revenues Used On Documents1894, 20c Red (R9). Tied by red pen strokes on 1896 certificate (10-1/2 x 6 in.) to Sanford B. Dole for one share in the Healani Yacht & Boat Club, very attractive design in green & bronze with central vignette of ship, normal folds, stamp with minor toning around perfs, Fine, handsome and very scarce usage

E. 400-500
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Sale 769, Lot 3902, Revenues Used On Documents1901, $50.00 Slate Blue & Carmine (R12). Horizontal strip of seven, tied by purple "CANCELED" handstamps with $10.00 Reddish Brown & Green (R5) strip of three and singles of R3, R4, and R7 (2), all on reverse of 1902 stock certificate for 9,660 shares of Puna Sugar Company made out to M.P. Robinson, who was also the company's president; stamps with some very trivial gum toning at edges, Very Fine, a colorful and very rare showpiece. Mark P. Robinson was trasurer of the Oahu Railway and Land Co. and became Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1892

E. 1,500-2,000
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1913, 50c Yellow Orange (R13). Tied by purple oval "CANCELLED/AUG. 13, 1913/COUNTY TREASURER" on Notary Public license in black on pink, blue seal from the Office of the Treasurer, few toned perfs, Fine, attractive and scarce usage

E. 100-150
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Hawaiian Revenues on Documents. Seven different, includes 1900 indenture with R3 & R4 (2) and U.S. R171(5) and R173 (4); 1899 indenture with R3 and R4(2); 1882 document in Hawaiian with six copies of R2; 1900 land deed with R3 & R4 and U.S. R173 (2), R8 on Hawaii Land Co. certificate, etc., few minor faults, Fine lot

E. 250-350
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A Collection of Hawaiian Documents. Group of 52 items, various legal documents, 1850s-1890s, includes mortgage deeds, bonds, Last Will & Testament, Letter of Guardianship, appointments (including Police Constable and a prison physician), Royal Patents, Power of Attorney, Affidavit of Foreclsoure, Permit to Land Baggage, Oath of Allegiance (for Rev. David Lyman), manifest of cargo, passports, licence to perform a marriage ceremony, certificates ofinvoice value, warrant deed, passbook for Hawaiian Postal Saving Bank (including original envelope plus letter upholding the cliams of a relative on the deceased's account), etc. Many with various revenue and court seals, all complete with virtually no duplication. Faults when present are usually very minor - overall the material is in a Fine state of preservation

E. 3,000-5,000
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