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Sale 767 — 1995 Rarities of the World

Sale Date — Monday, 5 June, 1995

Category — Revenues

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 767, Lot Number 329, Revenues25c Blue & Black, Inverted Center (R112a), 25c Blue & Black, Inverted Center (R112a)25c Blue & Black, Inverted Center (R112a). Uncanceled, centered to bottom, tiny scuff at top and light corner crease at bottom, Fine and fresh appearance of this scarce error

Sale Number 767, Lot Number 330, Revenues1c Trans-Mississippi, "I.R. L.H.C." Provisional Overprint (R158A), 1c Trans-Mississippi, "I.R. L.H.C." Provisional Overprint (R158A)1c Trans-Mississippi, "I.R. L.H.C." Provisional Overprint (R158A). Straightline "Jul. 8, 1898" handstamp, slight crease at left, otherwise Very Fine, this 1898 provisional is among the rarest of all revenues, with 1994 P.F. certificate

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Sale Number 767, Lot Number 331, Revenues4-1/2c License to Work a Still (RM466b), 4-1/2c License to Work a Still (RM466b)4-1/2c License to Work a Still (RM466b). Printed, on complete 1817 Viriginia document, 9-3/4 x 7-3/4 in., some edge wear and creases not affecting revenue, pinpoint rust specks within serrated border, Fine and rare, from a new find

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Sale Number 767, Lot Number 332, RevenuesUnlisted 36c and 70c License to Work a Still, Unlisted 36c and 70c License to Work a StillUnlisted 36c and 70c License to Work a Still. Two, first is printed, on complete 1816 North Carolina document, 9-3/4 x 7-7/8 in., crease just above "GALLON", still Very Fine; 70c is embossed, on complete 1814 Virginia document, 9-7/8 x 7-3/4 in.; creases far from revenue, otherwise fresh and Very Fine. As a note in Scott states, the statute under which these were issued provided for a number of additional rates which, in theory, should exist, but have never been seen by collectors. The catalog provided gaps in the RM numbers for these missing rates, if and when they are proven to exist. Presumably these would be listed as RM477b and 484a; both are believed to be the first recorded examples of the 36c and 70c - from a recent find, and offered here for the first time

E. 1,500-2,000
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Christmas Seals. Specialized group of material related to production and sales of the first Christmas Seal (1907, WX1) and the issues of 1947, 1950 and 1951; includes a complete sheet of the 1907 Delaware Chapter seal (WX1), 228 stamps, mounted in frame, correspondence to and from Emily P. Bissell, the designer and promoter of the concept of Christmas seals; part perforated plate proof sheet of 1947 seal (WX135); two die proofs of the 1950 seal (WX150) in first and second states, and a plate proof of the sheet; plate proof sheet of 1951 seal (WX155); all in good condition and obviously very rare, a great opportunity to expand or begin a specialized study of Christmas seals, Scott retail for WX1 sheet alone is $2,850.00

E. 2,000-2,500
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