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Sale 764A — Autographs and Historical Documents

Sale Date — Saturday, 10 December, 1994

Category — Inventors and Scientists

Cat./Est. Value
Alexander Graham Bell. TLS, 1 page, dated Aug. 6, 1920 from Nova Scotia, responding to an autograph request which "I have pleasure in handing it to you hereon." Neat bold signature, Very Fine, with original envelope

E. 400-500
Alexis Carrel. Signed photo, nice image of the doctor in lab garb, inspecting a test tube, inscribed to Henry Fairfield Osborn, 1926, Fine

E. 150-200
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Sale Number 764A, Lot Number 280, Inventors and ScientistsMarie Curie, Marie CurieMarie Curie. TLS ("M. Curie"), 1 page, to Henry Fairfield Osborn: "Thank you for all of your kindness to me and your interest in my work. Please accept this picture of me as a souvenir of my happy visit to your country." Very Fine

E. 1,000-1,500
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Cyrus W. Field. ALS, 1 page, dated New York July 14, 1837, to his father, with integral address leaf, Very Fine

E. 200-250
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Guglielmo Marconi. Bold full signature with "Yours sincerely" on his Marconi House stationery, Very Fine

E. 200-250
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Sale Number 764A, Lot Number 283, Inventors and ScientistsSamuel F.B. Morse, Samuel F.B. MorseSamuel F.B. Morse. ALS, 2pp., dated Oct. 11, 1860, to F.O.J. Smith, discussing the acceptance of his check and the settlement of a dispute, traces of mounting on blank leaf, Fine

E. 1,000-1,250
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Edward Teller. TLS, 1 page, dated Apr. 22, 1959 on Radiation Lab stationery, to Mr. Lloyd Crain of the Nat. Science Scholarship Fund: "I am sorry that I have been unable to help you in your endeavor, but my job as Director of the Radiation Laboratory in Livermore keeps me extremely busy; I find tahat I cannot become involved in any further activities for the time being." etc., in frame, Very Fine

E. 200-250
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Sale Number 764A, Lot Number 285, Inventors and ScientistsNikola Tesla, Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla. Albumen print, 7-3/4 x 9-1/2 in., mounted, with inscription in his hand in bottom margin: "To my friend E.E. Bartlett New York June 9, 1896 Nicola Tesla.", Fine and rare

E. 750-1,000
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