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Sale 764A — Autographs and Historical Documents

Sale Date — Saturday, 10 December, 1994

Category — Native Americans and Western Americana

Cat./Est. Value
[Archaeology]. Incredible 1942 three-page letter from an amateur archaeologist from Millport, Ms. describing the excavation of a Native American burial site, gives a detailed description of the removal and study of the body and its posssessions, as well as his deductions as to their significance; with integral address leaf (ms. Millport postmark), and two locks of human hair, possibly a souvenir of the dig

E. 300-500
"Chattahoochee Encampment Nov. 30, 1837." Dateline on 3-1/2pp letter in 2 parts from a soldier writing home (Mass.): "The people are killing the Indians as fast as possible. I have seen one or two thousand men pass us on their way to Florida. There are men in this country who rather fight than do anything else for a living...Shooting & stabbing is very common here. Some revenge by biting or tearing out the eyes of their fellows. I often see men with their noses bit off. There was a fight near where I am where one bit off the others tongue," etc. Writer mentions his fear that letters are being opened enroute- portion of letter written upside down to conceal his more dangerous comments- on slaves & slavery, Indians, etc., includes detailed description of an "Indian ball-play" with members so caught up in the game they were capable of killing spectators who stood in their way, etc. Fascinating contents, with ms. "Allatoona Geo." postmark, Fine

E. 250-350
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Sale Number 764A, Lot Number 204, Native Americans and Western AmericanaWilliam F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill"), William F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill")William F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill"). Three album pages, each dated St. Louis, Mo. Apr. 8, 1877, one signed, "Yours truly W.F. Cody Buffalo Bill", others signed "Mrs. W.F. Cody" and "Arta L.E. Cody", Fine lot

E. 600-800
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William F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill"). Signature on card, "yours truly W.F. cody `Buffalo Bill'", along with exceptionally nice cabinet photo (Stacy imprint, facsimilie signature on back), Very Fine

E. 200-250
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The Vigilantes of Montana, A Correct History of the Chase, Capture, Trial and Execution of Henry Plummer's Notorious Road Agent Band. By Thos J. Dimsdale, 1882, Virginia City, M.T., 421pp with original printed gray wrapper (back cover missing), bound in gray cloth and black leather with gilt lettering on spine, Fine and scarce

E. 150-200
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[Gold Rush]. Exceptional miner's letter to a friend in Indiana, 2pp, datelined "Shasta City August 3rd 1850": "...have been busily engaged buying provisions & making preparations to proceed up the Sacramento to some diggings which Joseph Cooper & other prospectors discovered... The party is nineteen all counted about strong enough we think to defend itself against the Indians who are moderately bad...we have to proceed with caution for fear of being followed...Governor Lane is about 6 miles from this place with a party of 40 or 50 men just from Oregon he has 150 head of Cattle & is in search of diggings & a cattle market. hope he will find them but think he is on the wrong Scent. Yesterday 8 or 10 men returned to this place from an Indian hunt & report having killed 8 or 10 Indians & taken some prisoners they brought one little boy with them and design raising him. Open war exists between the whites & natives at this place...Last night some fellow robbed a Monte Bank [sic] belonging to a gambler and a few minutes ago two men started in pursuit swearing they would shoot him as soon as they caught him. This is a great Country every man takes care of his rights or wrongs according to his own notions. I would keep on writing but Joe Cooper says we must go. The mules have had nothing to eat this morning & are braying awfully." etc.; with integral address leaf with light Sacramento Cal. cds and integral "40" rate, outstanding contents

E. 400-500
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[Indians]. Absorbing 4-page letter from Fort Kearney, Oct. 27, 1849, to Capt. John Love, describes how "...our mail riders, a dragoon & two citizens having been turned back by a party of 25 or 30 pawnees. I immediately sent them back with Lt. Ogle & 22 men...with the view to their safe passage of dangerous part of the road & apprehension of offending party. The next Day Lt. Ogle met this party...and tried to prevail upon them to come in. They pretended to come back when near a ravine they hestitated and Lt. Ogle ordered two of the troops to tie the two Indians who appeared to be Chiefs of the party. Upon this they fired upon him and he upon them. In the melee 5 or 6 of the men were slightly wounded, one horse killed, Ogle himself slightly wounded in the mouth an arrow have cut thro his lip & gone into the gum," etc., mentions several soldiers deserting, one man rescued when he was about to be scalped, plans to go to Pawnee village to demand "the murderers of two Americans on the Laramie road," etc., with integral address leaf with FORT LEAVENWORTH MO. postmark and Roman numeral "X" rate, includes two other covers to John Love, content includes missing mules from train out of Santa Fe and purchase of shot gun, Very Fine

E. 250-350
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Sale Number 764A, Lot Number 209, Native Americans and Western AmericanaMeriwether Lewis, Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis. ALS, 1 page, datelined "Charlottesville Dec. 22, 1806" to Sec. of War Henry Dearborn: "My bill of exchange N121 of this date, in favor of James Gilmer an order for fiftytwo Dollars and sixteen cents is for that sum delivered me in specie and which when paid will be charged to me on account of expenses incured on a tour from St. Louis to the City of Washington in charge of certain Mansan Indians, anf for other public purposes. I am with due consideration your obt. Servt. Meriwether Lewis Capt. 1st US. Regt. Infty." Written three months after his famous expedition with William Clark ended in St. Louis , with original address leaf in his hand and sent "Free" and postmarked Mar. 28 (1807) with docketing in Dearborn's hand confirms this letter was not mailed until this date, Fine and desirable, rarely seen

E. 5,000-6,000
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The Miners' Ten Commandments. Western lettersheet (contents removed neatly at L., back is blank) showing miner & elephant reading broadside posted on tree, "Published expressly for A.W. Potter, Miners' Bookstore, Main Street, Nevada" Fine, very scarce design

E. 250-350
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Charles M. Russell. "Studies of Western Life" published by Ben Roberts, Cascade Montana, 1890, original green binding with gilt title on cover, tied by greenish yellow cord, signed by publisher, some scattered staining on front cover only, Fine, rare

E. 750-1,000
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Sale Number 764A, Lot Number 212, Native Americans and Western AmericanaJohn Sutter, John SutterJohn Sutter. ALS, 1 page, dated Oct. 12, 1857, to Francis Gage, a San Francisco lawyer regarding Sutter's current financial problems. His personal finances were at this time a disaster, following the discovery of gold on his property. By 1864, in recognition of his exploring and settling achievements, the California government had voted him a $250 a month pension. Very Fine

E. 3,000-4,000
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