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Sale 764A — Autographs and Historical Documents

Sale Date — Saturday, 10 December, 1994

Category — Collections and Balance Lots

Cat./Est. Value
Sports Autographs. Seven, signed photos include Chris Evert, Wayne Gretsky, Joe Heisman, Walter Payton and Maurice Richard, also Amos Alonzo Stagg clip and Peter Weberroth signature on card, Fine-Very Fine

E. 150-200
American Authors. 11 items, includes A. Bronson Alcott clip; Mary Mapes Dodge portion of ALS and card; Hamlin Garland AQS and clip; Joel Chandler Harris on small slip; William Dean Howells on card and 2 slips; Helen Jackson signed check; Edwin Markham on calling card, Fine lot

E. 350-450
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The Earl Barton Collection of Autographs. 150 + pieces, many of them being signatures on envelopes Mr. Barton provided. Mostly assembled before beginning his life-long collecting of cartoon art, this is an eclectic but interesting collection with a very high percentage of genuine signatures: Fanny Brice, George Burns & Gracie Allen, George M. Cohan, Eddie Cantor, Jimmie Doolittle, Dwight Eisenhower, Floyd Gibbons, Wm. S. Hart, Al Jolson, Rudyard Kipling, Harry Lauder, Douglas MacArthur, Roger Maris, Eleanor Will Rogers, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jess Willard, etc. There is also a small selection (uncounted) of ephemera incl. postal history. A fine group, worthy of careful examination

E. 1,500-2,000
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Free Franks. Group of 225+, 18th Century to early 20th, some duplication, virtually no facsimile hs types, mixed condition, Good-Very Fine, please view

E. 1,500-2,000
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Autograph Balance. Hundreds of items, includes free frank of Andrew Jackson (defective) and a small collection of mail addressed to Eisenhower as President incl. insulting postcard addressed "Dear Dopey", etc., mixed condition, please view

E. 750-1,000
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Autograph Balance. Approx. 60 pieces, includes James Cagney TLS (with envelope), Henry Clay ANS, Maurice Chevalier ALS, Geo. Clinton DS, Noel Coward TLS (with envelope), Benjamin Lincoln DS, John Lindsay ALS, James Michener ANS on post card, James Monroe clip, two accounting sheets of Wm. Washington, ephemera, unidentified, etc., all the above 20th Century figures were friends or acquaintances of the owner with better than average content, please examine

E. 600-800
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Manuscript Balance. Approx. 50 pieces, many New York related, 1700-1850s, includes deeds, wills, 1700 indenture; 1796 receipt for interest on bond of Columbia College; 1796 license to practice law signed by Chief Justice Robert Yates; 1806 appointment signed by N.Y. governor Morgan Lewis; 1818 citzenship paper; group of 1850s fire-fighting documents incl. beautiful multicolor lithograph of burning building based on 18th Century woodcut; 1869 Masonic document; etc., mixed condition but a very interesting group

E. 300-500
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Autograph Balance. 11 items, includes invitation to dine with General Washington from Tobias Lear; 1770s bill from the White Hart Inn; Aug. 1776 letter from Continental Agent John Bradford to Stephen Cleveland regarding Samuel Adams; Henry Clay free franked cover; interesting 1860 Richmond letter about slave sales ("will continue to decline until after the election. We would advise you to buy cautious and none but young and likely," etc.); 1859 letter from Denver City, K.T., etc., interesting group

E. 400-500
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Autograph Balance. Nine items, includes Millard Fillmore signed card; Herbert Hoover TNS; Lyndon B. Johnson TLS to Jack Valenti; Robt Kennedy TLS; Douglas MacArthur signed cover; two Benjamin Franklin "Cosey" forgeries, etc., Fine lot

E. 250-350
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Autograph Balance. Lot of 22, includes Susan B. Anthony clip; David J. Brewer ALS; Frank Buck album page; Charles Dana Gibson large clip; Armand Hammer TLS; Oliver Wendell Holmes signed card; John Wanamaker signed card with Independence Hall vignette, etc. Fine-Very Fine

E. 300-400
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U.S. Generals. Seven items, all to Col. Jesse Starks, includes George Armstrong TLS (2) and signed photo; Lucius Clay TLS; Courtney Hodges signed photo; Maxwell Taylor TLS; also Xmas card from the Eisenhowers (no signature); Fine

E. 250-350
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Paper Money, Autograph Balance. 28 items, includes 17 pieces of Colonial currency, 8 CSA notes incl. $500 Jackson, signature of Ct. Treasurer Peter Colt on 1782 treasury warrant, facsimile signature of Andrew Johnson on document, and autograph of scientist Herman Oberth, Good-Very Fine

E. 200-250
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