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Sale 510 — 1977 Rarities of the World

Sale Date — Wednesday, 23 March, 1977

Category — Autographs and Free Franks

Cat./Est. Value
B. Franklin, Signed two page Holograph Letter written entirely in Franklin's hand, Headed "Philad. Aug. 10, 1775", Remarkable Historical Contents, Apparently written to General Schuyler regarding movement of munitions, ... "Accordingly I this Day dispatch a Waggon with 2400 Ib wt. which actually empties our Magazine" ... "We find on Enquiry that there is an extream scarcity of Lead here; and our Committee recollecting that a superfluous Quantity was taken at Ticonderoga, request you would spare us what you can of it," Wonderful State of Preservation, A Fabulous Document of Extreme Historical Importance & Rarity, with Hamilton certification

E. 5,000-10,000
G Washington, Autograph Signature on one & one-third page holograph Letter to Brig. General Morgan, all in Washington's hand, Headed "Philadelphia I2 December 1781", Contents refer to Prisoners, Deserters,... "What you mention respecting those soldiers of ours, who, after returning from Captivity, have never joined their Corps, and those who while prisoners enlist with the enemy and then desert, deserves attention. If the terms for which they were enlisted have not expired, they are certainly liable to be called into service, and you will be pleased to look upon yourself as authoriser to apprehend all such as cannot make it appear that their times have expired," Excellent Condition with only a small mend not involving written area, A Beautiful & Rare Letter, with Hamilton certification

E. 2,000-5,000
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John Hancock, Autograph Signature as President of the Continental Congress on single page holograph letter headed' 'In Congress July 13th 1775", contents refer to election of General Philip Schuyler, Major Joseph Hawley, Mr. Turbot Francis, Mr. Oliver Woolcott & Mr. Volkert P. Donn as Commissioners of Indian Affairs for the Northern Department; all in Hancock's hand, Very Fine, A Choice Historical Piece, with Hamilton certification

E. 1,000-2,000
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Sale Number 510, Lot Number 4, Autographs and Free Franks, A Lincoln, Autograph Free Frank as President on small neat cover addressed in Lincoln's hand to Olympia, Washington Territory, "Washington, D.C." Double Circle pmk., April 1863 Letter Enclosed, written on Executive Mansion Stationery by a Mr. A. G. Henry, a man apparently much in the favor of Mr. Lincoln. Mentions being with General Hooker, Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln, War Sentiments, etc., couple small cover tears & small crease through "I" Of Lincoln, still a Handsome & Rare Free Frank Cover (transcript of letter accompanies)

E. 1,000-2,000
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Sale Number 510, Lot Number 5, Autographs and Free FranksA, AA. Lincoln, Autograph on Dec. 31, 1862 Cover Addressed to "Hon. David Davis, Assistant U.S. Supreme Judge, Washington, D.C.", cover & enclosed letter (request for military commission) turned over to Mr. Lincoln & subsequently docketed in his hand, "Submitted to the Sec. of War, A. Lincoln, Jan. 7, 1863," 3c Rose (65) tied by "Bloomington, III." pmk., Very Fine, Rare & Choice Historic Piece, ex-Gibson, old Lincoln photo accompanies

E. 750-1,000
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Sale Number 510, Lot Number 6, Autographs and Free FranksPhiladelphia, Pa, Philadelphia, PaPhiladelphia, Pa., Clear Strike in Blue, matching Full Rigged Ship in Octagon & "Ship" on Fresh 1839 Folded Cover to New York, insignificant filing fold through design, nevertheless Extremely Fine, A Gorgeous & RareStamp1ess Cover, Only two known in Blue

E. 1,000-2,000
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