Sale 409 — 1972 Rarities of the World

Sale Date — Thursday, 23 March, 1972

Category — Autographs and Free Franks, Proof Collection

Cat./Est. Value
LINCOLN, Autographed Free Frank, as President, "Washington, D.C., Free, 1864" pmk. on cover front, addressed in Lincoln's own handwriting to Felix R. Brunot of Pittsburgh, famous engineer and philanthropist, Handsome and Scarce

E. 350-500
JAMES A. GARFIELD, A significant historic collection of letters of the Hon. James Abram Garfield, written mostly while he served in the House of Representatives. Virtually all are in the 1870's and 1880 just up to the time he was nominated for President. All are to his close friend and Executor, Dr. John P. Robinson of Mentor, Ohio, in whose estate these letters were found. Much of the correspondence is personal in nature but many important political comments are to be found in them. There are 58 autographed letters, many of which are holographs. In addition there are seven envelopes (some with letters) franked by him as a Member of Congress. There is also one letter franked by his widow and two letters to Dr. Robinson respecting the Garfield funeral arrangements, one endorsed by Mrs. Garfield approving these arrangements. Additionally there are six Garfield family letters, written and signed by some of his children. The file contains an extensive amount of material of Dr. Robinson most of which relates to the doctor's own business affairs but among the many letters may be found items of Garfield interest. This is a most unusual collection with virtually all the letters in fine condition (though where there ate covers some are damaged in opening). The few stamps are of no consequence. The letters provide a wonderful insight into the life of a good and worthy public figure whose tragic end deprived the nation of his leadership

E. 1,000-2,000
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Hybrid Large Die Proofs, Extensive set covering all issues 1845-1893, incl. Postage, Officials, Dues, Special Delivery, Newspapers, Carriers, etc. 19: different, bound into three leather-bound books. Very Fine and Handsome lot, each one Die Sunk on 51/2" x 8" cards. to resemble large die proofs

E. 2,000-5,000
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