Sale 925 — The Edgar Kuphal Collection of U.S. Carriers and Locals

Sale Date — Wednesday, 15 November, 2006

Category — Loomis thru Mearis

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 925, Lot 1611, Loomis thru MearisMason's New Orleans City Express, New Orleans La., 2c Black on Yellow (102L2). Huge bottom left margins (presumably a corner position), ample at right, top left ornament just touched, tied by red oval grid, matching "N-Orls City Express Post Dec. 27" circular datestamp on blue Dec. 26, 1850 folded letter to local street address, matching red 'Mason's Express, Royal St." small circular handstamp on back, file folds -- one thru stamp that slightly creases it -- some damp stains and slight wear


This December 1850 usage falls within the period from July 1850 through August 1851, when Mason's operated prior to the formation of the New Orleans carrier department. As observed by Dr. Hubert C. Skinner (Texas Philatelist, Feb. 1969), two different city-delivery rates have been found on Mason's covers. This December 1850 usage is a 2c rate, while the Feb. 6, 1851, cover has a 1c stamp. There is no rate change evidenced by the four recorded Mason's 2c stamped covers delivered to or from the post office from July 1850 through August 1851. One local cover (number 4 below) is dated Apr. 21 (1851), but it has a 2c stamp; we have not read the letter, addressed to the Archbishop of New Orleans, but perhaps it originated outside New Orleans. Based on the Feb. 1851 1c cover, it seems that Mason reduced the local rate from 2c to 1c between Dec. 27, 1850, and Feb. 6, 1851, which may explain the need for a re-rated 102L1 stamp.

Our records contain seven 102L2 stamps, including the following six on covers, listed chronologically: 1) Jul. 4 (1850 contents) New Orleans datestamp (10c rate), stamp with wide left sheet margin and cancelled (not tied) by Mason's small circle (no datestamp) on folded letter to Chas. T. Pollard, Montgomery Ala., ex Ackerman, Caspary; 2) Dec. 26, 1850 folded letter locally addressed to J. R. Hyde, stamp tied by red grid, Dec. 27 company datestamp, the cover offered here, ex Worthington, Caspary, Middendorf, Golden (Siegel Sale 817, lot 1329, realized $9,000 hammer); 3) Mar. 25 (1851 contents) New Orleans datestamp (10c rate), stamp tied by red grid, Mar. 25 company datestamp on back of folded letter to Dr. Banks, New York City, ex Ferrary, Hollowbush; 4) Apr. 21 (1851?) company datestamp, stamp cancelled by red grid on folded letter to Rev. Anthony Blane, Archbishop of New Orleans, P.F. records; 5) Jul. 4 (1851 contents) New Orleans datestamp (new 5c rate), stamp tied by Mason's small circle (no datestamp) on folded letter to Eleanor Fratherly, Sodus Pt. N.Y., ex Boker; and 6) Aug. 9 (1851 contents) New Orleans datestamp, "Way 6" and "Adv. 1" handstamps on Aug. 7 folded letter from Mobile to Carl Marten, New Orleans, stamp has trace of red ink but not cancelled, ex Golden (Siegel Sale 817, lot 1330, realized $10,000 hammer). In addition to the six stamps on covers, we record one off-cover stamp on piece with the Mason's small circle and another stamp that was probably added to a cover (ex Hall).

Ex Worthington, Caspary, Middendorf and Golden. With 1999 P.F. certificate