Sale 767 — 1995 Rarities of the World

Sale Date — Monday, 5 June, 1995

Category — 1851-56 Issue

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 767, Lot 43, 1851-56 Issue1c Blue, Ty. II (7). Block of four (Pos. 74-75L2), horizontal strip of five (Pos. 61-65L2) and, remarkably, a right sheet margin single from the scarce Plate 3 (30L3) showing centerline, each stamp with neat ms. stroke, strip and block canceled by red rimless "Strawberry Valley Cala. May 17" cds (ms. date), used on 10c Green Nesbitt Entire (U16) to Mobile Ala., margins generally full to large but slightly in at right of block, two stamps in strip lightly creased, the single is nicked at left, entire missing flap and worn at edges, yet the stamps are of deep rich color and the entire intact with excellent potential for moderate restoration; an extremely rare multiple used to make up the double transcontinental rate, mentioned in Ashbrook book (p. 229), ex Jeffreys

E. 7,500-10,000