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Sale 1241 — United States and Civil War Postal History

Sale Date — Tuesday-Wednesday, 28-29 September, 2021

Category — Local Posts, Hawaii, Group Lots

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1241, Lot Number 1166, Local Posts, Hawaii, Group LotsKidder's City Express Post, Brooklyn N.Y., 2c Black on Pale Blue Glazed (93L1), Kidder's City Express Post, Brooklyn N.Y., 2c Black on Pale Blue Glazed (93L1)Kidder's City Express Post, Brooklyn N.Y., 2c Black on Pale Blue Glazed (93L1). Initialed "IS" (Isaac Snedeker), three large margins, slightly in at top, cancelled by red "Paid", second strike and matching "Kidder's City Express Post 2 Cts." oval handstamp on small cover to local Brooklyn address, ink drop on stamp, faint toning at top right


John T. Boyd discontinued his Brooklyn post on June 30, 1845, when the new postal laws made it illegal for private companies to carry mail along postal routes -- in Boyd's case, between Brooklyn and New York City. Elliott Perry suggested that Boyd's Brooklyn agent was Wellington Walton, who is listed in the 1846 city directory as an "express proprietor" at 195 Gold Street in Brooklyn. Walton & Co. City Express covers are dated as early as February 14, 1846, leaving a seven-month gap between Boyd's discontinuance and Walton's successor post -- possibly Walton did not start up until the next Valentine season. In early 1847, Walton sold out to Henry Kidder, whose "Kidder's Brooklyn City Express Post" oval handstamp is recorded as early as Mar. 11, 1847 (reference: Calvet M. Hahn, "Brooklyn City Post 1850's"). Kidder operated the post with the help of Isaac and George Snedeker, who were brothers. Kidder sold out to the Snedeckers in 1851, and the post continued under their ownership until 1854 when it was sold to others.

The Kidder's 93L1 stamp was issued during Kidder's ownership and used after the Snedekers acquired ownership. It is believed that the first Brooklyn City Express Post stamp (28L5) was issued by the Snedekers. Beginning about 1850, the Kidder's stamps were initialed "IS" (sometimes "YS") for Isaac Snedeker. The initials were applied to sheets before use and are not cancellations. (Reference: Donald S. Patton, The Private Posts of the United States, pp. 265-268).

Scott value $4,500.00

E. 2,000-3,000
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