Sale 1206 — United States Stamps and Confederate States

Sale Date — Tuesday-Thursday, 23-25 July, 2019

Category — Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1206, Lot 369, Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations2c Carmine, Imperforate Coil, Double Transfer, Design of 1c (344V var). Vertical strip of five with star and plate no. 5299 at top, fourth stamp from top the error, lightly hinged, Fine-Very Fine, a scarce multiple showing the foreign entry of the 1c Franklin on the 2c Washington plate, only one position -- the fourth position under the plate number on the upper left pane of Plate 5299 -- yields this interesting variety, it is believed to have been created when a 1c transfer roll was erroneously used to enter this position on the 2c plate, when it was discovered prior to printing the design was burnished away and corrected with a 2c entry, some elements of the 1c design remained, we have not offered another example since 2010