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Sale 1202 — The James Depew Collection of Superb U.S. Coils and 20th Century Imperforate Issues

Sale Date — Wednesday, 22 May, 2019

Category — 1908-12 Perf 12 Horizontal Coils, Double-Line Watermark (Scott 352-356)

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1202, Lot Number 2352, 1908-12 Perf 12 Horizontal Coils, Double-Line Watermark (Scott 352-356)2c Carmine, Coil (353), 2c Carmine, Coil (353)2c Carmine, Coil (353). Mint N.H. pair with 3mm spacing, vivid color, choice margins and centering, fresh and Extremely Fine, with 2008 P.S.E. certificate (XF 90; SMQ $1,125.00), this is a very elusive coil in the higher grades, no Mint N.H. pair has been graded higher than the 90 offered here and no others share this desirable grade

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