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Sale 1195 — The Richard Drews Collection of United States 1861-68 Issues

Sale Date — Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

Category — Essays for Re-Use Prevention: E Grills

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1195, Lot Number 254, Essays for Re-Use Prevention: E GrillsUnknown Author, 3c Rose, E. Grill, Re-Use Prevention Essay (79-E var), Unknown Author, 3c Rose, E. Grill, Re-Use Prevention Essay (79-E var)Unknown Author, 3c Rose, E. Grill, Re-Use Prevention Essay (79-E var). Block of four with bottom part imprint selvage, each stamp and selvage with sewing-machine style horizontal slits and gummed only above the slits, Very Good, the only recorded example of this re-use prevention essay and one of a very few E Grill essays in existence, the Bowlsby patent for stamp reuse prevention (no. 51,782) called for only a portion of a stamp to be gummed, after being affixed to an envelope the ungummed portion was to be removed, thus preventing reuse of either piece once separated, the essay offered here is not directly linked to Bowlsby but very possibly represents an interpretation of his patent tried by NBNCo., similar to the other "unknown author" essays (79-E1 thru 79-E6, see lots 187-194), unlisted in Scott

E. 750-1,000
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