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Sale 1192 — United States Stamps including Confederate States and Hawaii

Sale Date — Wednesday-Friday, 14-16 November, 2018

Category — Collections and Accumulations

Cat./Est. Value
Voluminous Collection, 1847-2015. Housed in 44 binders, through 1946 it is a straightforward collection of unused or used stamps, after that the collector had a page for each stamp, and tried to represent it with an unused and used example, a plate block or strip and a first day cover, sometimes there is more than one plate block or first day cover, several of the first day covers have a block or plate block, many of the recent issues are in full panes, adding up to a fair amount of face value, includes high values, such as the $5.00 Brett Harte, which is represented by an unused single, used single, plate strip of twenty, and four first day covers (each with a plate block of four), also some recent mint still in the Post Office packaging, early issues in mixed quality, later generally Fine-Very Fine, weight is approximately 250 lbs., so potential buyers should factor in the shipping costs when bidding

E. 1,500-2,000
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