Sale 1096 — The Robert R. Hall Collection of Outstanding United States Stamps

Sale Date — Tuesday-Thursday, 28-30 April, 2015

Category — Balance Lots from the Hall Collection

Cat./Est. Value
1879-1985 Postage Dues, Collection (J1/J104). Unused collection mounted on album pages, strong coverage of all issues incl. Nos. J1 (two), J3-J7, J15-J16, J18, J22-J28, J31-J36 (2c and 3c Mint N.H.), a stamp in the space for J37 which appears to be unwatermarked but faulty and repaired so no guarantee, J38-J44, J46-J50 (2c Mint N.H.), J52-J57 (1c and 30c Mint N.H.), J60, complete from J61 forward with J72 graded Mint N.H. 95 and J76 Mint N.H. 90, some disturbed gum and h.r. on the earlier issues but also some Mint N.H. beyond what is mentioned above, faults to be expected on many of the highest value stamps -- some of these would surely be individual lots if sound, overall Fine-Very Fine collection, approximately 15 certificates accompany, Scott Retail in excess of $15,000.00

E. 3,000-4,000