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Sale 1094 — The Curtis Collection: Back of Book and Possessions

Sale Date — Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

Category — Parcel Post (Scott Q1-Q12)

Cat./Est. Value
1c-75c, Parcel Post, 1c-25c Parcel Post Postage Due (Q1-Q11, JQ1-JQ5). Unused and used singles, Parcel Post unused including Nos. Q1-Q5, Q7-Q9, 1c, 3c, 4c and 25c Mint N.H., several very choice stamps including P.F. grades of 95J for 1c, 90J for 3c and 85 for 25c, used set complete less $1.00, oval or wavy-line cancels, also several choice including P.S.E. grades of 90 for 2c, 3c and 50c, the non-graded stamps also mostly with wide and balanced margins, Parcel Post Postage Due including unused JQ1-JQ3 and JQ5, 1c, 2c (P.S.E. 90J) and 5c Mint N.H., the used set complete, overall a choice balance with a number of premium stamps

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