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Sale 1071 — United States Postal History and Confederate States

Sale Date — Tuesday-Wednesday, 20-21 May, 2014

Category — Confederate States: Essays & Proofs

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1071, Lot Number 4494, Confederate States: Essays & ProofsDe La Rue, London, 1864 Letter and Stamps, De La Rue, London, 1864 Letter and StampsDe La Rue, London, 1864 Letter and Stamps. Oct. 28th, 1864 dateline on stationery signed by W. F. De La Rue, addressed to a Lady de Houghton (in England) apparently in response to a request for assistance in raising money for the Confederate cause, states that in answer to her letter "I have the pleasure of enclosing a collection of Confederate postage stamps.", goes on to list four different stamps incl. 1c No. 14, "very scarce indeed and fetch 10 francs each stamp in Paris. They are printed from plate we we sent out at the commencement of the war on the Nashville.", the corner-margin pair of No. 14 has similar notations by De La Rue, regarding the 5c Blue London and Local prints he states "Blue Five Cents - also very rare - they are printed in the Confederate States from plates we furnish the government.", also "Blue Five Cents - are from a specimen sheet of the same plate printed by us before we sent out the plate"., the 5c London print included is a margin block of three with similar De La Rue's notations, relating to the 10c engraved issue he states "rare as they are the stamps printed in the Confederacy after our plates were worn out.", letter concludes with "I hope that you will be able to realize the few stamps I am able to send you to the advantage of the poor Confederates...", a fascinating and rare letter and group of sample stamps from the printer of the 5c Typographs

E. 500-750
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