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Sale 989, Lot 278, South AmericaTHE JOHN H. HALL JR. COLLECTION OF CHILE 1853-65 "COLON" ISSUES. A truly remarkable intact collection, comprising more than 650 stamps (almost all are used, many in multiples and some on covers), all meticulously presented in three volumes with extremely detailed write-up, this study collection was completed in 1936 and reflects the philatelic priorities of the era with emphasis on plate varieties, watermark orientation and shade/paper varieties, including all of the "Colon" issues from 1853 to 1865, each identified by printing; in addition to the mounted collection there is loose material, including stamps on pages (the working collection) and a number of lots from the Caspary and Col. Green sales (still on the original lot pages), some later issues (not counted in overall tally); a brief overview of each issue follows, the quantities are approximate and include both the mounted and loose material, Scott Nos. are for basic shades, stamps are used unless otherwise indicated:

Proofs: more than 20 items including defaced die proofs and Black plate proof blocks of the 1c, 5c and 10c, and a set of 5c, 10c and 20c with Perkins Bacon & Co. "Cancelled" Specimen obliterator on a page with note "To my friend John Hall... John Wilson 1938";

5c, 10c 1853 Perkins Bacon & Co., London (Scott 1, 2): 5c (26) and 10c (17) incl. No. 1 pair and 1a, two pairs of No. 2, plus three 5c covers and one 10c cover;

5c, 10c 1854 Desmadryl, Santiago (Scott 3-6): 5c (47) including No. 3b Chestnut (ex Caspary) and 3e Double Impression, plus two on covers; 10c (20) including scarce shades and two pairs, a bisect on cover identified as Greenish Blue;

5c 1854 Gillet Engraved, Santiago (Scott 4/4a): A wonderful group of this scarce issue, including more than 50 of the Burnt Sienna and 4 of the rare Chocolate shade (Scott 4a, $2,700.00 each), a couple of superb imprint sheet-margin stamps including one from the Col. Green sale that brought $41 in the 1940's;

5c 1854 Gillet Lithographed, Santiago (Scott 7): The scarcest and most desirable of the "Colon" issues, a fabulous study collection including the pair discovered in 1898 that led to the revelation of Gillet's lithographic printing, before this pair was recognized and documented, no one knew that Gillet had resorted to lithography when he was unable to produce high-quality stamps from the engraved plate, this pair obviously has great philatelic significance; in total there are 36 stamps off-cover, two singles on covers (one dated Aug. 2, 1854, very early use) and a pair on cover; among the numerous lithographic transfer flaws are examples of the prominent "squeezes", including the "Big Squeeze" (Galvez Type I, Blank Ty. 5/Vt 1/2), ex Walters, a choice stamp which alone would be estimated at $10,000-15,000, and the rare "Chile" and "o" of "Centavos" squeezed (Blank 5/Vt 2/8); there is a also a fascinating page presenting a Black proof impression and single used stamp, both with the White Flaw in "C" of "Colon", which, according to the write-up, does not appear on any engraved stamps, its presence on the proof and single and the physical characteristics of these two impressions indicate that both are lithographic printings (potentially an extremely rare, if not unique, proof);

5c 1855 Perkins Bacon & Co., London (Scott 8): 60+, including pairs, strips and block of four, wide range of shades and watermark varieties noted;

5c, 10c 1856-62 Santiago Post Office Printings (Scott 9-10): 5c (160+) and 10c (75+), including an enormous array of shades, cancels and varieties, numerous multiples, plus eight 10c bisects on covers incl. two with additional full stamps;

1c, 10c, 20c 1862 Perkins Bacon & Co., London (Scott 11-13): 1c includes unused pair and block, used multiples and No. 11a Double Impression, One Inverted (with B.P.A. certificate), 10c (80+) including three covers, 20c plate proof and four unused, 18 used;

5c 1865 Santiago Post Office Printing (Scott 14): two unused, 91 used, plus No. 14b Printed on Both Sides and No. 14d Double Impression;

Reprints: Several dozen in blocks and singles, all identified by the source

The condition of the stamps is outstanding, with the vast majority having four margins and many are Extremely Fine, especially by the standard applied to the narrowly-spaced "Colon" issues; the provenance is impeccable, with many of the stamps originating in the Riesco and Walters collections sold during the early part of the 20th Century, and some coming from the Caspary sale in June 1958.

An extraordinary opportunity to acquire a "time capsule" study collection formed by John Hall Jr., one of the great collectors of the 20th Century and a friend/contemporary of Lichtenstein, Caspary and Boker. Our estimate reflects the pure commercial value of the stamps (the Scott value applicable to basic stamps, not counting the "Big Squeeze", covers and unlisted varieties, is more than $50,000.00). The uncounted, yet enormous value, of this collection is the work and scholarship of presentation. A color PDF of the collection can be downloaded from our website.

Sale 989, Lot 278, South America
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Sale 989, Lot 278, South America
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Sale 989, Lot 278, South America
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Sale 989, Lot 278, South America
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Sale 989, Lot 278, South America
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Sale 989, Lot 278, South America
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Sale 989, Lot 278, South America
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E. 40,000-50,000
FILTER: Sale=989, Lot#=278, For all Sale Dates

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