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The Islander Collection of South America
Sale 957, Lot 168, Colombia 1859 First Issue Proofs, Group Lot1859, 2-1/2c-1p First Issue Study Collection (1-7). Small stockbook, some loose cards and auction lot sheets containing more than 400 stamps, some in multiples, every denomination and shade represented including some very scarce examples, approximately 100 mixed denominations are arranged by cancellation, including some beautiful strikes and colored markings, the other 300 or so stamps are arranged by denomination and shades, including the following approximate quantities (unused/used): 2-1/2c (32/16), 5c Stone A Violet shades (16/22) and Stone B Blue shades (19/8), 10c (25/13, including scarce Chocolate shades), 20c (60/32) and 1p (52/8, including five on bluish paper), a few of the highlights are shown above, including scarce unused single and used strip of three of the 5c Reddish Violet Stone A, 5c & 10c early shades tied on piece, 10c Chocolate pair, 20c Stone A block, 1p single on bluish paper, and 1p blocks (one on unusual grayish paper), some degree of small faults to be expected, but overall this is far above the typical Colombia First Issue condition with many superb stamps throughout, a rare opportunity to acquire Islander's working study collection, representing 40 years of selection from important sales

E. 7,500-10,000
FILTER: Sale=957, Lot#=168, For all Sale Dates

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