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British America and Atlantic Exceptional Collection in Stock Books. Contained in 19 stockbooks, beautifully mounted with care with items carefully chosen, many individually from auctions and dealer stocks and diligently lined up by country and issue, the entire area with great overall coverage of unused and/or used incl. Ascension, Falkland Islands and St. Helena, particular strength in salable areas such as Bermuda incl. easily over 200 King George V and George VI Key Plates with various shades (with No. AR1 unused and used out of period plus the "Lemon" Shade) and Falkland Islands incl. 2-1/2p Provisional and numerous high values, much of the value is focused around Queen Victoria thru King George VI, some QEII with useful control blocks and varieties, there is also a large amount of specialist material incl. plate proofs, numerous "Specimen" overprints, and varieties such as surcharge errors and inverted watermarks, a handful of certificates also accompany, what sets this collection apart from others is the overall level of quality and freshness and nearly void of the "clunkers" you may find in comparable collections with much Fine-Very Fine, a collection worthy of close inspection

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E. 20,000-30,000
FILTER: Sale=1236, Lot#=2950, For all Sale Dates

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