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Foreign (non-U.S.)
British Commonwealth
British Commonwealth
British Commonwealth
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History, including the Angel Collection
British Commonwealth Clean Unused Collection Offered Intact as Received. Neatly hinged in two Scott and two Palo albums, emphasis on issues from the 1890s to 1950s, with numerous desirable definitive and commemorative sets from a wide range of colonies, some of which are complete or nearly so for the 20th Century, absolutely loaded with sets and high values cataloguing hundreds of dollars each, the strongest colony is probably Falkland Islands, which is complete from 1898 onwards (including the popular Tercentenary set) and also has an attractive used No. 1 with R.P.S. certificate, a few other colonies have some better early used stamps (St. Vincent, for instance, which has SG No. 10 with two certificates), other popular sets and singles such as Cayman Islands good War Tax stamp (with P.F. certificate), St. Helena Badge of Colony to 15sh, St. Kitts Tercentenary set, Sierra Leone Wilberforce set, plus good selections of Bermuda, North Borneo, Papua, and more, overwhelmingly Fine-Very Fine, an excellent lot either for the dealer desiring a comprehensive stock of highly saleable British Commonwealth sets and singles, or for someone wanting to begin a serious collection of this always popular area

E. 30,000-40,000
FILTER: Sale=1204, Lot#=1240, For all Sale Dates

1 Selected Lot , Page 1 of 1