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Census of Millbury Mass. 5c Black on Bluish Postmaster's Provisional (Scott 7X1)



  • Stamp tied by red “Paid” on Aug. 20, 1846, folded cover from Samuel D. Torrey to Isaac Davis, Worcester Mass.
  • “Milbury Ms. Dec. 16” (1846) cds
  • “5” sans-serif numeral in circle
  • 1884 One of two letters with Millburys in bound volumes of correspondence donated to the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester Mass. (other 7X1-COV-18)
  • 1895 To Sir William B. Avery
  • 1909 To W. H. Peckitt (London dealer)
  • 1910? To Henry J. Duveen (died December 1919) from Peckitt
  • 1922 Duveen collection consigned to Charles J. Phillips
  • c1922 To Alfred H. Caspary from Phillips
  • 1955 Nov. 15 Caspary sale, H. R. Harmer sale, lot 42, $9,250, to Ezra Cole for Arthur Hetherington
  • 1983 Oct. 27 Hetherington sale (“Quality” Collection), H.R. Harmer, lot 1, $70,000, to Raymond H. Weill Co. for E.G.
  • 1989 E.G. to Weill
  • 1989 Oct. 12 Weill sale, Christie’s RL, lot 632, $210,000, to John Salomon for a collector
  • Older PFC, number not available
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