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Census of 1911, 25c Black, Rodgers "Vin Fiz" Semi-Official Air Post (Scott CL2)



  • Formerly CL2-USPC-PASADENA 11/8/1911
  • Start: 11/1 Willcox Ariz.
  • Stops: 11/1 Tucson and Maricopa Ariz.
  • 11/2 Phoenix and Stoval Ariz.
  • 11/3 Imperial Junction Cal.
  • 11/4 Banning Cal.
  • 11/5 Beaumont and Pomona Cal.
  • Finish: 11/5 Pasadena Cal.
  • Postmark: Pasadena Cal. 11/8 8:00PM
  • Message: "Willcox Arz. Dear Otto, As the first Transcontinental Rogers Aeroplane (Atlantic to Pacific Coast) passes through here today, I'll use these means of conveyance to air route to send you a few lines which please attach to your stamp collection. With kind regards to all, You're a.b.i.l. C.F. Threle"
  • From/To: C.F. Threle to Otto Hunter, Umbrella Factory at Coln, Germany
  • Note: Only recorded use of CL2 on U.S. Postal Card. Realized $88,000 in
  • Siegel 1999 Rarities sale (lot 234)
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