Census of 2c Carmine & Black, Center Inverted, Used (Scott 295a)



    • 11/16/1971, Harmer, Rooke
    • 12/7/1974, Kelleher
    • 4/11/1978, Siegel Auction Galleries, 1978 Rarities of the World, Sale 528, Lot 181, Realized $6,750
    • 11/5-6/2014, Curtis Collection, Siegel Auction Galleries, The Curtis Collection: 1847-1901 Stamps and Covers, Sale 1084, Lot 3691, Realized $45,000
    • 10/24/2017, Dr. Heimburger Collection, Siegel Auction Galleries, Classic Bureau Issues featuring The Dr. Irvin Heimburger and Roger Brody Collections, Sale 1165, Lot 90, Unsold
    • 3/27/2018, Dr. Heimburger Collection, Siegel Auction Galleries, United States and Possessions, Sale 1179, Lot 2333, Realized $28,000
    • PF 33747 Genuine, tear at bottom, slight creasing, reperfed at top
    • PSE 1274200 (2013) it is genuine used, with a light vertical crease ending in a tear at the bottom and a tiny repair in the top left corner
    • PF 548674 (2018) "it is genuine, with a tear at bottom, slight creasing and reperfed at top” (does not mention repair, which we believe is not present).