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Census of 30c Ultramarine & Carmine, Center Inverted (Scott 121b)



    • c. 1892-1903 Possibly owned by Frederick W. Ayer
    • c. 1903-04 Sold to George H. Worthington for $1,200, possibly from Ayer collection through Warren H. Colson
    • 1917 Aug. 21 Worthington sale, J. C. Morgenthau, lot 480, $3,550, to John A. Klemann, Nassau Stamp Co.
    • 1917-1990 Whereabouts during this period unknown
    • 1949 Williams’ Stamps of Fame reports “A superbly centered specimen with part gum is in Mr. Ward’s own collection” but
    • this might be in error (Ward’s copy is 121b-UNC-03)
    • 1990 Consigned to Christie’s NY by descendants of deceased collector, certified by PF
    • 1991 Mar. 12 Christie’s NY, lot 288, $155,000 hammer to Columbian Stamp Co. (Hagendorf), on behalf of private collector
    • c. 1996 Sold to Steven C. Walske (Lafayette) by Hagendorf
    • 2003 May 2 Walske (Lafayette) sale, Matthew Bennett Inc., lot 1333, $250,000 hammer to Hagendorf for inventory
    • c. 2004 Sold to Maryland collector by Hagendorf
    • 2006 Sold by Maryland collector’s estate to Jay Parrino for “Beverly Hills” through Siegel Auction Galleries and Hagendorf
    • 2013 Oct. 9 "Beverly Hills" Collection, RAS Sale 1052, lot 2, $600,000 hammer
    • PFC 232679 “Genuine, with traces of gum”
    • PFC 515167 “Genuine, traces of original gum” (VF-XF 85)
    • PSE 1089835 VF-XF 85 traces of gum
    • PSE 1270179 “genuine unused, small part original gum” (VF-XF 85)
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