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Census of Alexandria Va., 5c Black on Buff, Postmaster's Provisional (Scott 1X1-1X2)


The Unique Alexandria

  • The “Blue Alexandria” (Bartels #5)
  • Stamp cancelled by black “Paid”, second strike and “Alexandria D.C. Nov. 25” (1847) cds on brown cover to Miss Jannett H. Brown, care of Mr. Washington Gretter, Richmond Va.
  • Envelope has some faults and mended tears
  • Letter dated Nov. 24, 1847, from James Wallace Hoof to his second cousin, Jannett, who married on Feb. 17, 1853 (see May Day Taylor, “The Alexandria Blue Boy: The Postmaster, the Letter, & the Legend,” The American Philatelist, May 2006)
  • 1907 (around Nov. 10) Discovered by Mrs. Jannett B. Fawcett, daughter of addressee and widow of Dr. Fawcett
  • 1907 Offered to J. M. Bartels by Mrs. Fawcett; before Bartels could reply she sent it to her cousin, a Philadelphia attorney named Mr. Brown
  • 1907 (shortly before Christmas) To George H. Worthington thru Bartels for $3,000
  • 1915 To Henry C. Gibson from Worthington, private sale thru Warren H. Colson
  • 1922 (Feb.) To Alfred H. Caspary thru Colson
  • 1955 Nov. 15 Caspary sale, H. R. Harmer sale, lot 4, $10,000, to Raymond H. Weill Co. for B. D. Phillips
  • 1961 (Jan. 17) to Josiah K. Lilly Jr. from B. D. Phillips, private sale thru Weill
  • 1967 Feb. 2 Lilly sale, Siegel Sale 312, lot 3, $18,500, to Weill for John R. Boker Jr.
  • 1971 Traded by Boker (along with Baltimore 10c on Bluish cover) for some important German States items [1]
  • 1973 Bought by a group of international dealers and then to David Feldman [1]
  • 1975 To an anonymous European collector from Feldman for SFr 350,000 [1]
  • 1981 (May 8) to a German collector for $1,000,000 [2]
  • [1] L. N. Williams, Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps, 2. The Biographies, page 171
  • [2] As advertised by David Feldman
  • Never certified
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