Census of Alexandria Va., 5c Black on Buff, Postmaster's Provisional (Scott 1X1-1X2)

The Alexandria provisional stamps were printed from a two-subject typeset form on Buff and Blue papers. The two settings differ slightly and are catalogued as two types:

Type I has 40 ornaments (called rosettes or stars) arranged in a circle, and
Type II has 39 ornaments.

Type I (40 rosettes) shows gaps between the asterisks and the two letter A’s at the beginning and end of “Alexandria.” Type II (39 rosettes) does not have these gaps.

The six recorded stamps printed on Buff paper are evenly divided into Type I (Scott 1X1) and Type II (Scott 1X1a). Only one example on Blue paper has been recorded - the famous Alexandria “Blue Boy” provisional on cover - and it is Type I (40 rosettes).

The identity of the Alexandria stamps’ printer has not been documented, but is presumed to be Edgar Snowden (1810-1875), publisher of The Alexandria Gazette, whose office at 310 Prince Street was just a short distance from Bryan’s post office at 400 Prince Street.

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