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Census of 1c Blue, Type I (Scott 5)

The Type I 1c imperforate only comes from one position on the five plates used to print the imperforate stamps -- Position 7R1E, or the seventh position in the top row of the right pane of the first plate. Due to difficulties in creating the plates, all 999 other positions are other types. An explanation of the 1c types can be found in the Siegel Encyclopedia.

Because of the significance attached to the outer portions of the 1c 1851 design, rare types that have been carefully cut apart, so as not to impinge on any part of the design, are extremely desirable. The narrow spacing between stamps in the sheet and the users' indifference to the outlying ornamentation during separation are factors that contributed to the great rarity of four-margin copies. Examples of Position 7R1E (Scott 5) with large right and bottom margins, where there was very little space between it and the adjoining stamps, are true rarities.

This census was originally published in printed form by noted philatelist Jerome S. Wagshal.
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